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dinner is served

after work yesterday i found myself completly exhausted. did a light workout, just an inclined treadmill walk for 40 min., i got home and without even showering collapsed on the bed and took a cat nap. after one of those sleeps where you arent sure if you were really sleeping or not, i did feel much better. i concluded that i had infact fallen asleep, at least for a few minutes. ryans allergies were really declaring war with him, so the two of us were kind of a couple of loads….he did end up gathering up the strength to prepare both of us dinner though! for me, a mahi burger with melted swiss over brown rice, tomato and avo on top:

finished product:

extra, extra cayanne:

never enough of that,

and my girl sat beside me, she was real tired too.

as you can imagine, shes really a busy girl all day, its no wonder she gets sooo sleepy.

it was fantastic, just what i needed. rye had his with bread and trader joes crinckle cut fries.

we ened up watching paranormal activity….a mistake, i was totally freaked out all night, even had disrupted dreams and kept awaking with thoughts of that in my head….no fun.


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