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oatie mornings & salad nights

heres what has been going on

the usual:

i finished another almond butter….you know what that means….oatmeal in an empty jar time!

i prepped:

i indulged:

not a drop was left behind:

shared another smoothie:

  • kefir
  • bee pollen
  • spirolina
  • banana
  • dates
  • delicious

later that day..or possibly all this week i have been quite i felt in need of this:

a little iced coffee pick me up before the gym:

  • home made coffee
  • almond milk
  • truvia

it has been a week of salad and cheese night!! and it may not sound all that exciting but let me tell you….it really has been!

we were gifted this lovely salad bowl this week:

it was a veggie party

i am blessed with a really great salad creator:

our dinner:


ryan brought home these cute spoons:

they are for us but i keep saying they are for me..

i scouted some super cuties:

thursday morning i prepped the usual needed work dailys:

i packed for two:

i started to bring my own mug to work to save on paper waste:

it feels so good to use my own mug at work!

my almond butter jar was about gone….i knew what i had to do!

more indulging happened here:

after work i had a really great yoga class.

it made me incredibly relaxed and ready to be cozy at home.

for dinner we made another huge salad.

i chose to use a veggie we hadnt ever used before….

and the veggie star of the night goes to:

fennel..could have sworn i took a picture but it seems to be m.i.a..

anyhow, it was quite bizzaar to me how it really does taste like black liquorish.

i haven never been a fan of black liquorish, but i am now a fan of fennel.


i baked a yam and readied lunch for friday too:

fennel included.



friday morning: packed, unloaded..almost left the salad at home but remembered it was on my desk once i was already in the car..anyway i salvaged it..

such nice light dinners lately, i was very hungry in the morning, so i had a pear and a greek yogurt.

i was happy to note that this yogurt has 18 grams of protein. i was in need after such a great yoga class yesterday.


i brought my mug to work again.

i favor this one, as you can tell its warn in.

my salad was so good!

  • organic
  • greens
  • spinach
  • avo
  • homemade beets
  • fennel
  • celery
  • corn
  • baked yam

friday afternoon and i really needed a treat:

after my workout, i came home to find this little guy napping. my pictures interrupted his sleep, but i think he forgave me.

i added a special treat to the rest of my coffee later that evening.

i rounded up a loot of goodies:

i baked some veggies whose welcome stay in my refrigerator was nearing overdue.

i put them out with pesto for dipping. perfect way to sneak in those veggies.

somebody was incredibly tired:

i thought somebody should let her know about this:

she didnt appreciate my concern after-all:

such interruptions only bothered her for so long..

she went about her stubborn way in spite of my warning

ryan and i shared a treat:

we made them with this silly thing:

and that was another week.





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  1. Gah I hate waiting for an empty nut butter jar! Yours look incredibly delicious!

  2. Fennel is great, actually is one of my fav veggies. I liked it raw or even better baked in the oven with parmigiano cheese on top!

  3. you have to explain this empty-jar/oatmeal business to me. and i too have been really into fennel lately — last night i made a fennel/citrus/celery salad with dijon vinaigrette. mmmm. little bits of satsuma are perfect punctuation to the fennel. xo

    • Ohh yummy! I added it to my pasta last night.
      So the empty jar thing is simply a way of enjoying what you might usually throw out, the last scrapes and scraps of the jar. Then, it becomes another component of your oatmeal instead. Make sense? Also for work I usually bring A lot of my food in recycled jars and things.


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