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i packed my goodies

and stopped for my coffee 🙂

(thats not kefir, its vanilla half and half 😉 )

lunch was delicious:

veggie salad:

  • organic
  • greens
  • carrot
  • celery
  • homemade beets
  • crimini mushrooms
  • canned salmon
  • bbq sauce (some find this odd, i find it delicious)
  • lemon/ranch


later i had a snack before i headed home and off to my workout:

  • kefir
  • ezekial cereal

my rye guy was working late so i had dinner solo:

i attempted to watch prince of persia..i failed..what was i thinking..?

  • organic greens
  • trader joes lentil
  • homemade beets
  • black/regular quinoa
  • black olives
  • garlic
  • crimini’s
  • avo
  • with an assortment of cheese on the side
  • and a slice of colby jack


for desert i had

  • bartlett pear
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • natures path vanilla granola
  • almond/peanut butter

time for sleeps.




About janethoffmann

happy girl who loves life, beauty and food!

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  1. Lol I started to watch Prince of Persia with my bf and I passed out like 15 minutes into it. Fail lol


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