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sweet beets

when we got home from our hike, i was pretty tired.

ryan cleaned the was shining and sparkling afterward.

i relaxed and watched a bit of vicky christina barcelona.

as evening was nearing, i made a a drink on a beautiful sunday closing.

the day felt so sweet to me, and i really fell into appriciation for all that i have.

i i looked out of my apartment and felt so happy with everything that was there to see!

i felt in love with my family, and in love with my i had to take a picture:

alice had a long hike, a bath and kept ryan company while he cleaned the bathroom..

she took it really easy the rest of the night:

while relaxing and life embracing time, i made beets:

i believed them to be the biggest and most awesome beets i had ever made:

we turned on the superbowl..(we dont know football but we wanted to be in the festive spirit)

and rye had a taste for pizza and buffalo wings. (i didnt have any chicken wings, but i did enjoy some veggie pizza)

alice grew more and more relaxed..and more and more sleepy:

i soon decided to follow her lead. zz.


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happy girl who loves life, beauty and food!

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