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chocolate&peanut butter cupcakes

wednesday at work we threw a bake sale to raise money for a young amazing coworker whom has recently and unexpectedly had to fight a severe cancer.

i chose to make chocoalte and penut butter cupcakes.

i found the recipe browsing through the beautiful joythebaker ‘s blog.

they may not look like hers but they were popular at the sales:

well it all started with this lineup:

i did a little measuring, a little pouring and a little mixin,

into the cups went luscious the mixture:


the oven did a little bakin and this is what i got:

i had to dress them approriately:

peanut butter frosting rightfully so:

rye and i had to test one out..we had to,

it towered proudly over the was the king of the bunch for sure:

test approved…. it passed and pleased

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happy girl who loves life, beauty and food!

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  1. Chocolate and peanut butter are two of the greatest things ever. These cupcakes look really good.

  2. Those look so delicious!


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