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no z’s for j.

its been a sad weekend of confusion and lack of sleeping in.

yesterday i awakend at 5am, readied myself, packed my lunch and was off to work as any other usual friday.

to my surprise, embarrassment and dissapointment i was in fact not to report to work because it was my day off!

my schedule rarely..rarely changes, in fact it hasnt in so long i cannot remember the last time it did change..

well now i can remember because it was this week!

needless to say, i wandered home, sad that i had missed my oppurtunity to luxuriate in a warm cozy bed while the sky was dark and the air was cold.

and to make matters attempt to recreate this magical image of blankets and shut eye, was a hazardarass and sad failure.

i couldnt get back to sleep.

i rolled out of bed and off to do a mild workout..well some cardio.

i tried to sleep after that but failed again.

i had some coffee.

i was a zombie.

i couldnt tell if i was hungry or just tired.

i wondered how i manage to function like a regular person on a day to day basis, seeing that i do this everyday for work, but could not get myself together. i wondered if my mind was punishing its capability for the cauntiousness of knowing that i should have had more sleep.

and so i told this very dramatic story about the whole thing..

anyway, moving along,

sorry to feel so sorry for myself..and i did..

i deicdied to have the lunch i packed for breakfast since i was to tired to deicde on anything i wanted.

it was a delight and complimented my enjoyment of julie and julia the movie.

  • left over kabocha
  • mixed greens
  • sprinkle of shredded parmesan
  • olive oil
  • bbq sauce (again this may be strange but i find it good with many things..)

still very tired, i wanted to get my girl out for some sun and movement.

we ventured over to runyon for a little walk.

we took the easy-er way up the mountain.

my man came home to me later than evening.

he was battling a cold.

he was a little grumpy.

i asked him to get some jam while he was at the store..

he was a little fiesty,

to make up for it he brought home 3 different jams:

ps i really didnt find it all that necessary but it was defiantly cute.

besides we are now officially stocked in the jam department.

we cozied together for a bit.

i made him a burrito. its his go to feel better, emotionally and phisically comfort food.

and for me:

  • quinoa
  • greens
  • raw veggies
  • cheese and avocado plate
  • my fave la brea whole grain bread
  • and some smoked oysters on the side
  • with cranberry grape juice

ps..cant get enough quinoa lately. and that bread..sorry for the repetition but its just really perfect food.

we cozed more….zz


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