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dog park and a snack

after breakfast my sasha came over for a visit and brought sweet ceci with her.

ceci is getting older 😦

she and alice got along. alice was glad to have a wise and knowledgeable girl around.

sash helped me finish the runaways.

we did what we do best..

computer and cozy time with the dogs.

we stopped for coffee:

i got a decaf sash got some tea….seems that alice was eyeing mine:

alice did a lot of this..

and more..

and more sitting..

she really thinks she is a person..i had to remind her to pleasee play like the other dogs..

she didnt listen of course.

when we got home sash requested a snack:

pesto veggie sandwich with cheese and love.


About janethoffmann

happy girl who loves life, beauty and food!

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  1. Love the snack =)

    I love to read about Alice =)

  2. i had a little snacktime inspiration from a certain inspiring breaksfast i saw 😉
    alice thanks you.

  3. Your doggie is so adorable!! What kind of breed is she?


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