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ill have the usual please

this morning, a lovely sunday morning, a sunday morning that longed to be spend taking advantage of my big warm cozy bed..


i was on my way to work before the crack of dawn.

i was a productive early riser,

i picked up coffee for myself and two nice gals,

it was to early on a coffee bean was closed..

i settled for starbucks.

coffee bean supports me in the sense that sundays are a day for sleeping in.

i took a good morning photo for rye guy in his comfy sweater that i borrowed for a dose of sentiment:

and before that i packed my fave..peanut butter almond butter jam oats..

really not a short way to say that. but neither butters can be left out. they are of equal importance.

and i even tried the strawberry preserves for the first time in the mix.

they were lovely as i had assumed.

they even made my oats look beautiful all swirled in and strawberry like.

see for yourself:

and then topped and swirled:

and then it was over..

the red white and blue thing was an accident..didnt mean for it to turn out so patriotic..

after work i came home to my husband and we took our girl out to runyon for a hike.

the day was beautiful and the sun was healing.

ryan is still a little under the weather.

i will take care of him.


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happy girl who loves life, beauty and food!

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  1. That jar is HEAVEN!!


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