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pasta sunday

ohh and i cannot forget..

last sunday (so long ago) my wonderful man, made me the most amazing pasta.

it started out something like this:

it was slowly simmering into something beautiful:

he was a cutie as he seriously cooked away:

i snacked while i watched him (in awe), as alice watched me….

shes really quite the supervisor.

crackers, beets and cheese..its really a winning combination, i promise!

alice continued to monitor..

and continued:

it was ready!

there was garlic bread:

it was a heavenly bowl..heavenly:

i made the rest of the kabocha squash and it smelled so sweet, rye had to try some with his dinner.

he had to try make sure it was worthy for me.

i did do something..i prepped for my big monday, workday, school day:

alice was truly exhausted for all the work she put in making sure we were keeping in line:

dave was dave.


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happy girl who loves life, beauty and food!

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  1. That pasta looks amazing! I made some last night too 🙂

  2. oooh, the sauce looks amazing! Is that tomato paste I seen in the background? I’ve never tried it before. You must share the recipe…please.


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