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sweet surprise

monday was valentines day.

it was my first day of school.

the traffic was so, utterly, completely, awful!

i left school at 6:20 and did not arrive home until 8:15.

the drive should take about 45, even in normal traffic.

needless to say, i was a bit upset, and exhausted.

school days:

awake at 4am, get to the gym for a quick 30 min. workout.

5am, get ready for work, arrive by 6.

off of work by 1:30 (for school) class from 2:15-6:20


it was valentines day this monday, first day of school.

fortunately, i came home to this:

i really wasnt expecting anything. it was very sweet.

i wished i had more time to enjoy it.

rye worked that day as well, so he ordered chinese.

we watched the 3rd harry potter (i am a new fan! of the movies at least..always of the books)

and he even did all of the laundry.

as a night cap:

it was awesome.

i love that man.

look who else got treated!

alice and dave treats galore!


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