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i have been struggling with this about me situation….but here we go….

this is me:


im 22 and im striving to live life healthy but for the most part happily.

i am married to him:


we met at whole foods where i work and ryan used to work.

this is us:

other members of our family include:


and our growing wiser cat dave:

i was born in l.a.

i live in l.a.

i am a romantic

i am a dreamer

i am a foodie

i like to be active

i like to do yoga

i like to cook

i like to bake

i like tattoos

i am often told i remind people of their mom

i like art

i like to be creative

i like to be outdoors

i am a student

i have traveled a bit

i want to travel a LOT

i work for whole foods market in administration

i didnt know what organic was before that

i am healthy

sometimes i am not healthy

i like to party

i am not a party-er

i like people

i like beauty

i like life quiet

i like life loud

ive been vegan

ive been raw

ive conquered anorexia

i dont eat meat

i do eat fish

im not a photographer

but i do like to take photographs

i like to be silly

i like to learn

i am not someone thought to be important in society

but my life is awesome, and its worth being shared

here is life on on janets planet


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  1. I love your wordpress, it really inspires me to eat more and enjoy life. ❤

    • thank you so much! i am so proud of you. keep it up, i support you and you are doing great.

      • Thankyou! I appreciate that, I read that you conquered your anorexia and that’s really inspiring. I am still strugilling, and I still eat a bunch of nasty stuff. (Sugar-free, diet drinks, and so on.) I really want to have a healthier future, can I have some of your tips on how you transitioned? If you can email me at that’d be great. My name is Michelle by the way, and I’d be grateful to hear back from you.

      • yes my dear. i will email you by tomorrow. i still have my bad habits, dont worry 🙂 one step at a time. xo

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