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a friend for me, a friend for alice.

tuesday night my friend audrey came over.

rye is still out of town so it was an almost all girls night.

audrey brought her dog-alice’s very good friend paco.

dave didn’t have any visitors special for him but he was happy to include himself in everyone elses visit.

we made a lovely although quite large arrangement of deliciousness:


needless to say we had some leftovers although nobody was complaining.

alice and paco had a lot of fun too:



friday night leftover remix

it was finally friday!!

and a busy one at that!

work was really, really busy.

i made it to the gym late, and i was really ready around 6 when it was finally time to get relaxing in.

i was totally looking forward to saturday morning,

the first morning in 2 weeks that i would get to sleep in 🙂

ryan fixed me appetizers while he got dinner together voluntarily.

we had leftover rice from chinese food,



ryans famous veggie fried rice:

it was rediculous! truly his best.

he got a picture of sleepy alice and i shortly before we were both in bed:

parsley onion & mushrooms

just me tonight.

i make rye some treats for when he gets home too of course 🙂

parsely mushrooms & onions:

  • crimini & button mushrooms
  • any onion will do
  • handful of parsley
  • couple cloves of garlic
  • olive oil
  • saute oil and onions until soft, add salt and pepper
  • add mushrooms-a tiny bit of water when the mixture becomes dry
  • add cayenne to taste, a tbls or so of butter
  • when mixture is browned to perfection, throw in chopped parsley
  • combine, sprinkle with parmesean

enjoy with very good bread, drizzled with olive oil

very good cheese

and a nice light olive oil, balisamic side salad


i had a treat:

frozen yogurt with almond butter.