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p, w & c

pasta, wine and cheese on a lovely friday night.

it has been nice having my man back.

here is our creation!

extra cayanne of course!

alice was tired from all the wine, cooking and carbs.

we stayed up late!

had hagendaas peanut butter and chocolate ice cream!

and watched coming to america with eddie murphy!

and saturday night live with host miley cyrus..i have to say.. i didnt go in with any hi hopes but i was very impressed by her..she was really funny.

it was a great night. we laughed a lot.  ❤

how was your weekend?!


sasha and peanut butter jelly time.

ryan is still away.

the good news is, i have been getting a lot of my sasha time in.

thursday she came over after work and alice was more than ecstatic to see her..

this was her within a minute of sash sitting down:

..the girl doesn’t waist any time.

sasha and i had a very nice date out to sushi!

i have been craving sushi and italian food all week!

pretty much simultaneously. this helped for a moment..the craving comes right back though..

when we got home i made us desert:

in sasha’s

  • vanilla greek yogurt
  • almond butter
  • bran cereal-total bran/weetibix
  • 365 honey morning o’s
  • my secret weapon: dark chocolate kit kat 😉

in mine:

  • vanilla almond milk
  • my trio cereal mix (same as sasha’s)
  • a bit of almond milk
  • dark chocolate kit kat (!)

friday….was peanut butter jelly time!! ..and almond butter..and oats in a jar  😉 😉

it had been long. it was absolutely fantastic.

i sent rye a good morning kiss.

have i showed you these lemons? lululemons 🙂 (please pardon the messy bathroom!)

getting to the gym was really hard and once i finished cardio and only one weight machine i was done!

i got home and couldnt even get myself to shower before crashing on the couch.

dave wasted no time in taking that opportunity for cuddle time, alice was hard at work on a bone:

i took all of these photos for rye..even one of my bachelorette house keeping skills….

and one of my sleepy face with bags under my eyes..:(

sasha came over again 🙂

we watched 127 hours..i thought it was really good!….not to mention upsetting…. the movie was really well done and captivating especially considering it took place almost in one location the entire movie.

for dinner i made broiled cheese bread and veggies:

(have i mentioned these are inspired by “” blog’s, i really love her blog and these are great! just put on your desirables and stick them under the broiler for about 6 min. give or take….but watch them, they will burn before you know it! trust….i know from experience.)

for the cheesy toast:

  • la brea bakery multi grain
  • spinach
  • greens
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • raw mushrooms
  • veganese
  • dijon mustard
  • 1 toast con swiss cheese
  • 1 toast con colby jack cheese
  • 😉

dessert we had mini chocolate cheesecakes from whole foods, i put it on a plate over a little dollop of whipped cream with a piece of xo dark chocolate with cherries….the cheesecake wasn’t as great as i thought.. 😦 )

alice and dave were adorable! and being snuggle bunnies:

i love that trio.


Thursday I had the remaining brussel sprouts from dinner the night before in a beautiful salad

ps did i mention ryan made them and they were ridiculously amazing! ok, well there i said it now, brussel sprouts i am such a fan of yours 😉

followed by a delicious snack before my workout!

if you have not yet discovered the ‘sumo’ tangerines, you have to try them, they are seasonal and amazing!

i normally am not a citrus fruit kind of gal but i have been pretty into these lately.

accompanied by some 365 honey morning o’s, chia/fiber blend and unsweetened vanilla almond milk:

friday i treated myself to my fave veggie sandwich!

complimented by a zevia ginger rootbeer and ketchup:

ps the zevia is 0 cal. and its sweetened by stevia. it is really not bad. the root-beer is my favorite.



i was really craving a pre-made smoothie juice, i try to stay away from them for the most part because of all of the sugar but every now and then is fine. i felt really good after i drank it and it fueled me during a great workout.

rye was getting ready for his trip all day. hes leaving town for work for almost 2 weeks. he brought home these ‘healthy’ ramens. i was really not to excited about them, but i was wrong. i grew up on top ramen and always loved it..(i know its a terrible thing to admit)

this ramen hit the spot!

we threw in the leftover chinese from the night before.

the salads were huge..i couldnt even finish half of mine. but it was delicious!

i am going to miss my sweet man!


friday night leftover remix

it was finally friday!!

and a busy one at that!

work was really, really busy.

i made it to the gym late, and i was really ready around 6 when it was finally time to get relaxing in.

i was totally looking forward to saturday morning,

the first morning in 2 weeks that i would get to sleep in 🙂

ryan fixed me appetizers while he got dinner together voluntarily.

we had leftover rice from chinese food,



ryans famous veggie fried rice:

it was rediculous! truly his best.

he got a picture of sleepy alice and i shortly before we were both in bed:

no z’s for j.

its been a sad weekend of confusion and lack of sleeping in.

yesterday i awakend at 5am, readied myself, packed my lunch and was off to work as any other usual friday.

to my surprise, embarrassment and dissapointment i was in fact not to report to work because it was my day off!

my schedule rarely..rarely changes, in fact it hasnt in so long i cannot remember the last time it did change..

well now i can remember because it was this week!

needless to say, i wandered home, sad that i had missed my oppurtunity to luxuriate in a warm cozy bed while the sky was dark and the air was cold.

and to make matters attempt to recreate this magical image of blankets and shut eye, was a hazardarass and sad failure.

i couldnt get back to sleep.

i rolled out of bed and off to do a mild workout..well some cardio.

i tried to sleep after that but failed again.

i had some coffee.

i was a zombie.

i couldnt tell if i was hungry or just tired.

i wondered how i manage to function like a regular person on a day to day basis, seeing that i do this everyday for work, but could not get myself together. i wondered if my mind was punishing its capability for the cauntiousness of knowing that i should have had more sleep.

and so i told this very dramatic story about the whole thing..

anyway, moving along,

sorry to feel so sorry for myself..and i did..

i deicdied to have the lunch i packed for breakfast since i was to tired to deicde on anything i wanted.

it was a delight and complimented my enjoyment of julie and julia the movie.

  • left over kabocha
  • mixed greens
  • sprinkle of shredded parmesan
  • olive oil
  • bbq sauce (again this may be strange but i find it good with many things..)

still very tired, i wanted to get my girl out for some sun and movement.

we ventured over to runyon for a little walk.

we took the easy-er way up the mountain.

my man came home to me later than evening.

he was battling a cold.

he was a little grumpy.

i asked him to get some jam while he was at the store..

he was a little fiesty,

to make up for it he brought home 3 different jams:

ps i really didnt find it all that necessary but it was defiantly cute.

besides we are now officially stocked in the jam department.

we cozied together for a bit.

i made him a burrito. its his go to feel better, emotionally and phisically comfort food.

and for me:

  • quinoa
  • greens
  • raw veggies
  • cheese and avocado plate
  • my fave la brea whole grain bread
  • and some smoked oysters on the side
  • with cranberry grape juice

ps..cant get enough quinoa lately. and that bread..sorry for the repetition but its just really perfect food.

we cozed more….zz

oatie mornings & salad nights

heres what has been going on

the usual:

i finished another almond butter….you know what that means….oatmeal in an empty jar time!

i prepped:

i indulged:

not a drop was left behind:

shared another smoothie:

  • kefir
  • bee pollen
  • spirolina
  • banana
  • dates
  • delicious

later that day..or possibly all this week i have been quite i felt in need of this:

a little iced coffee pick me up before the gym:

  • home made coffee
  • almond milk
  • truvia

it has been a week of salad and cheese night!! and it may not sound all that exciting but let me tell you….it really has been!

we were gifted this lovely salad bowl this week:

it was a veggie party

i am blessed with a really great salad creator:

our dinner:


ryan brought home these cute spoons:

they are for us but i keep saying they are for me..

i scouted some super cuties:

thursday morning i prepped the usual needed work dailys:

i packed for two:

i started to bring my own mug to work to save on paper waste:

it feels so good to use my own mug at work!

my almond butter jar was about gone….i knew what i had to do!

more indulging happened here:

after work i had a really great yoga class.

it made me incredibly relaxed and ready to be cozy at home.

for dinner we made another huge salad.

i chose to use a veggie we hadnt ever used before….

and the veggie star of the night goes to:

fennel..could have sworn i took a picture but it seems to be m.i.a..

anyhow, it was quite bizzaar to me how it really does taste like black liquorish.

i haven never been a fan of black liquorish, but i am now a fan of fennel.


i baked a yam and readied lunch for friday too:

fennel included.



friday morning: packed, unloaded..almost left the salad at home but remembered it was on my desk once i was already in the car..anyway i salvaged it..

such nice light dinners lately, i was very hungry in the morning, so i had a pear and a greek yogurt.

i was happy to note that this yogurt has 18 grams of protein. i was in need after such a great yoga class yesterday.


i brought my mug to work again.

i favor this one, as you can tell its warn in.

my salad was so good!

  • organic
  • greens
  • spinach
  • avo
  • homemade beets
  • fennel
  • celery
  • corn
  • baked yam

friday afternoon and i really needed a treat:

after my workout, i came home to find this little guy napping. my pictures interrupted his sleep, but i think he forgave me.

i added a special treat to the rest of my coffee later that evening.

i rounded up a loot of goodies:

i baked some veggies whose welcome stay in my refrigerator was nearing overdue.

i put them out with pesto for dipping. perfect way to sneak in those veggies.

somebody was incredibly tired:

i thought somebody should let her know about this:

she didnt appreciate my concern after-all:

such interruptions only bothered her for so long..

she went about her stubborn way in spite of my warning

ryan and i shared a treat:

we made them with this silly thing:

and that was another week.




stir fry veggies

after work ryan and i took alice to runyon canyon. it was really a beautfiul day, not to warm, the sun was bright. i was a little on the tired tired side but i pushed it.

later we went to target, we were in need of a replacement coffee pot after our previous one completely lost its bottom….yes the entire bottom of the glass coffee pot just decided to come clean off one day….

i also found some awesome new glasses and bowls too! cant ever go to target without leaving with more than you had intended to.

anyway, i was set on making a delicious bowl of warm veggies for dinner, when we got home, i got to work:

first i prepped some veggies for the week:

while my wonderful husband made me my first baileys over ice!! i added rum. We had stopped by bevmo on our target coffee pot mission and i stumbled upon it. i got the tiny ones, i have been wanting to try it forever….how have i gone held out this long:

i forgot to take a picture before i had nearly finished it all.

then i got to prepping dinner:

ryan sipped on one of his favorites:

i tried something new:

i finished dinner:

veggies over quinoa:

i used both regular and black quinoa with a little butter and a little coconut oil while it cooked.

(notice my new simple but awesome bowl)

  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • veggies: i used japanese eggplant, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and celery
  • 1/2 onion
  • 6 garlic cloves (as much/as little as you like)
  • chinese hot sauce (i use one from whole foods that imitates the one with the rooster, both are good)
  • 1 jalepeno sliced lengthwise with seeds
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cayenne dashes to taste
  • cilantro to taste

add coconut oil to pan, sautee onion until slightly transparent, season with salt and pepper

add veggies, garlic and jalepeno

add dash of cayenne/cilantro (save some for garnish..i like a lot)

(if mixture become to dry, runs out of oil, add a small amount of water and steam for a min or so, i try not to use to much oil)

when veggies are done to your liking (i like mine just done and not over cooked, very crunch..about 15 min.) hot sauce, sautee for a moment and then add soy.

eat.                                                                     i eat with chopsticks at every opportunity..

i added a few trader joes stoneground crackers, and lots more cayenne.

it was great!

we were happy.