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saturday night

yesterday was abra kadabra….organize!


refrigerator nice and tidy:                        

unmanageable cubbyhole…a bit more manageable..?

breakfast nook:

grains and thangs:

ryans office space:

took some time but dont worry, alice kept me company:

ryan made me a treat….baileys and rum again..  our drinks conversed

rye and alice posed for me:

it was easy but rye talked me into ordering take out.

he treated me to bossa nova. when we walked down to pick up our food,

this is who i saw:

the one on the right..from LMFAO

i later discovered his name is redfoo.

as you could imagine he was dressed quite appropriately as you would be if your name were redfoo from lmfao.


we kicked off our shoes:

looking in the bag:

our dinner:

ryes dinner:                                                   mah dinner:

grilled lamb scewers with rice,                 grilled salmon over warm spinach salad,

blacks beans and grilled plantains.         shitake mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes

and foccoccia:

that is the best stuff ever!

the kids got treats too:

dont bother dave..hes eating                     alice scarfed hers down so fast..i missed it.

i was there too:

and so were my feet:

dave kept them company:

and good night moon.