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amazing pancakes


this morning i made pancakes!

they were my first pancakes from scrach..

i proudly sent a photo to my cousin and she quickly resonded…”how have you never made pancakes before?”

it was a good question…. and i did not have a good answer….

however, i will be making more, because, they were….amazing!

the recipe is a just an origional, plane jane, standard recipe for pancakes that i got off of

i did however add 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract…..super pancakes!

for my love:

  • vanilla/cinnamon scented pancakes
  • honey almond butter in the middle
  • side of papaya
  • maple syrup in a pretty saucer (its meant for sake but maple syrup works too!)
  • dusted with powdered sugar (sprinkled really…. i do not have a sifter..)

he was playing sunday morning video games, i did not want to intrude so i delivered these to him quietly.. he was a happy boy.

for me:

just like ryans although mine is missing a quarter because i had to give alice a little sunday morning pancakes 🙂



Sunday Brunch

ok….so i have a secret….this is a sunday brunch from last sunday….but that doesn’t take away any of its sunday brunch special-ness dignity right?!

yes this is how behind i am….how do you all do it?

with work, school, my working out schedule and and fullfilling my duty to attain a somewhat high standard as a wife at home….i just cant find the time to fit in my bloggin at the end of the day…. i apologize- ill fit you guys in better somehow 😉

so anyhow, look at what my husband blessed me with last sunday for brunch….

we didnt eat until about 1 and i was becoming impatient and starving-however, the wait was worth it:

our menu included:

  • rudis 7 grain bread french toast
  • egg frittata
  • fresh fruit
  • coffee
  • love

it was absolutely delicious and after devouring my entire plate, i was well fueled for our hike with alice later.

alice had some breakfast too :

eggs for alice:

no coffee for you miss alice..

later that day we came home and called it a day on the couch.

we watched gangs of new york- which we had not seen.

i was very impressed….and it is a very violent movie might i add….

but the acting is great.

i felt so guilty because i like the villans acting so much that i kept being tricked into liking his character and….he was a very, very bad man!

after lots of yummy assorted appetizing treats throughout our movie,

it was more mac and cheese for dinner!

ryans take this time:

alice was really ready for bed!!


you make me coffee, i make you breakfast.

ok, now this is a special coffee..

look at that:

he says he makes them with love..that would explain it.

i stayed in bed and did homework and indulged in my beautfiul warm drink, in my cozy warm bed, with my cute warm dog cuddled under the covers with me, for quite some time.

as i made my way out of bed to start some breakfast i found this:

isnt he cute?.. (xbox)

he makes me coffees, i make us breakfast, its our sunday tradition.

these..amazing! really good.

my guy is an egg guy.

i started like this: (ps isnt my new cutting board gorgeous?!)

i added some butter to a hot pan.

sizzleeee, sizzleeeeee, sizzzzzlleeeeee

in went to eggs:

i readied this, it was destined to be toasted:

add spinach:

presto! wheres mine?

i didnt forget the kids!

they get special sunday breakfast too:

she was very pleased:

i attempted to recreate the berries and cream like yesterday..but i was out of vanilla protein..

i was really nothing to brag about:

it really had good potential! but it was lacking the vanilla/cream aspect.

the highlight was really the almond butter and granola..

rye and i had a really good workout!

he burned 1000 calories! whoa! i was super proud.

i had a good balance of cardio, legs and abs but my arms were very soar.

thats me, and you can see rye behind me in the blue:

dinner wasnt to exciting. leftover pizza from saturday and a yummy salad i made.

lets have a great week!

pasta sunday

ohh and i cannot forget..

last sunday (so long ago) my wonderful man, made me the most amazing pasta.

it started out something like this:

it was slowly simmering into something beautiful:

he was a cutie as he seriously cooked away:

i snacked while i watched him (in awe), as alice watched me….

shes really quite the supervisor.

crackers, beets and cheese..its really a winning combination, i promise!

alice continued to monitor..

and continued:

it was ready!

there was garlic bread:

it was a heavenly bowl..heavenly:

i made the rest of the kabocha squash and it smelled so sweet, rye had to try some with his dinner.

he had to try make sure it was worthy for me.

i did do something..i prepped for my big monday, workday, school day:

alice was truly exhausted for all the work she put in making sure we were keeping in line:

dave was dave.

ill have the usual please

this morning, a lovely sunday morning, a sunday morning that longed to be spend taking advantage of my big warm cozy bed..


i was on my way to work before the crack of dawn.

i was a productive early riser,

i picked up coffee for myself and two nice gals,

it was to early on a coffee bean was closed..

i settled for starbucks.

coffee bean supports me in the sense that sundays are a day for sleeping in.

i took a good morning photo for rye guy in his comfy sweater that i borrowed for a dose of sentiment:

and before that i packed my fave..peanut butter almond butter jam oats..

really not a short way to say that. but neither butters can be left out. they are of equal importance.

and i even tried the strawberry preserves for the first time in the mix.

they were lovely as i had assumed.

they even made my oats look beautiful all swirled in and strawberry like.

see for yourself:

and then topped and swirled:

and then it was over..

the red white and blue thing was an accident..didnt mean for it to turn out so patriotic..

after work i came home to my husband and we took our girl out to runyon for a hike.

the day was beautiful and the sun was healing.

ryan is still a little under the weather.

i will take care of him.

sweet beets

when we got home from our hike, i was pretty tired.

ryan cleaned the was shining and sparkling afterward.

i relaxed and watched a bit of vicky christina barcelona.

as evening was nearing, i made a a drink on a beautiful sunday closing.

the day felt so sweet to me, and i really fell into appriciation for all that i have.

i i looked out of my apartment and felt so happy with everything that was there to see!

i felt in love with my family, and in love with my i had to take a picture:

alice had a long hike, a bath and kept ryan company while he cleaned the bathroom..

she took it really easy the rest of the night:

while relaxing and life embracing time, i made beets:

i believed them to be the biggest and most awesome beets i had ever made:

we turned on the superbowl..(we dont know football but we wanted to be in the festive spirit)

and rye had a taste for pizza and buffalo wings. (i didnt have any chicken wings, but i did enjoy some veggie pizza)

alice grew more and more relaxed..and more and more sleepy:

i soon decided to follow her lead. zz.

fancy pants

just got back from a lovely hike on a beautiful sunny day in my new lululemon pants.

here were a few happenings from our sunday adventure:

my pants:

alice gettin in a quick stretch before her workout:

up up we went:

we some new friends:

alice felt a little left out: