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so it has been a while, which is usual….but not this long of a while.

i have really been comtimplating a decision.

you see….

my love for food has always been aparent,

however it wasnt until i develped an eating disorder that my love for food transforemed into a food addiction.

since i had recently fully been moving into a full recovery from my problem, i have wondered if i really need this blog anymore….growing tired of spending so much time and energy dedicated to what i will eat and what i am eating.

so….since revovering more – because so far it has yet to disapear complely- i felt it was time i move away from this food obsession……because that is what it had become…..

i have decided however that it could be best just to continue on and start in a new direction.

i really enjoy my friends and interests found from this blogging world so far, as well as the support and relation i have felt to so many strangers.

i hope to continue on in an expanding and growing¬†experience¬†and to take this from there….with no real direction but happiness and healthiness form her on.