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what day is it anyway?

the days just seem to be blending in together.

wednesday was a school day.

i was really tired from my night with audrey..i didnt get the rest i am used to during the week.

i am in love with kombucha 2000!!

they are amazing and i just cannot go back to g.t.

besides, g.t. kombucha just has not been the same since the era of the recall….it used to make me sad, but now i have moved on to better things; k-2000 ūüėČ ūüėČ

i was exhausted when i finally made it back to my side of town around 8 that night and picked up baja fresh.

they really impressed me, i got the grilled mahi tacos which were delicious, light and left me feeling good. it is nice to have relatively healthy options in the fast food world these days.

alice was ready for bed with me..not to mention trying to coerce me into giving her some of my dinner….sorry ali:

tuesday i had a biometric screening for work.

i had to fast through work-no breakfast but coffee.

my testing was at 11:45-

you are tested on:

weighed, measured, blood pressure taken, and blood drawn- blood to find test whether you are a smoker, have good cholestoral and blood sugar levels.

i was marked at 5’7 which i was pleased about and 117lbs- one of our scales is off but i was happy to take their word for it.

blood pressure was perfectly healthy.

now i wait for my blood work results and if everything come out healthy i get a 30% discount on all of whole foods products rather than my 20!

fingers crossed ūüôā

when 2 was nearing i was ready to eat!!

i had my usual salad on my mind and a delicious kombucha!!


i sent ryan a “yeyy me for being healthy” photo:

and a picture of the new zevia flavors that i got ! i love grape soda! (healthy diet soda-sweetend with stevia)

then alice and i headed out for some time together in the sun.


oakland bound

my cousin and i drove up last friday, anyone remember the rumor that there would be snow near l.a.?

well there were patches here and there of rain that was trying to be snow,

however, there was..a lot..of rain. were we crazy to leave oakland bound on a late friday afternoon?

yes, a little.

it took about 7+ hours to accomplish our destination, but it was worth it.


i came prepared of course with plenty of snacks and goodies to tie us over.

these helped:

americano’s with sweet dollops of whipped cream clouds.


we arrived late and the sweetest baby in the world was already sleeping.

us girls got a little catching up time in, and snacked on peanut-butter m&m’s and hersheys chocolate eggs to help us venture off to bed.

we took little baby ruby to the oakland zoo. i think i was much more excited that she was.


and we had a lovely girls night with yummy treats:


the trip was short but sweet. i miss you already oakland!

busy, work, love, school, workout food & busy

oh i have missed you!

it has been a busy, busy week..ive fallen so far behind..

there were days, and a series of events that seemed very similar at times..

there was coffee of course:

to save on money, i tried to recreate the coffee bean iced coffee i love so much..i only managed to succeed once.

and lunch at work:

many of which happened to be tasty salads:

some salads were special with leftover chinese from valentines day and home made dipping sauce.

others were special with left over kabocha squash.

there was more kabocha snacking on the drive to school:

i switched it up from time to time:

delicious veggie sandwich from a deli at the corner. .. why is mayonnaise and toasted bread so amazing..?

i tried a new yogurt after i was given a free sample at work. It was amazing! love it. i added chia:

i had peanut butter-almond butter & jam oatmeal of course:

i started school:

i got some girl time with alice in the healing outdoors:

my wonderful husband made me many dinners this week, due to school and study time.

many consisted of beautiful salads:

one with a delightful chipotle mahi burger with cheese.

and kombucha’s to aid in homework time:

alice was her usual cute self, and didnt fail to keep me company and give me deep, thoughful glares from time to time.

it was an eventful and good week.

dog park and a snack

after breakfast my sasha came over for a visit and brought sweet ceci with her.

ceci is getting older ūüė¶

she and alice got along. alice was glad to have a wise and knowledgeable girl around.

sash helped me finish the runaways.

we did what we do best..

computer and cozy time with the dogs.

we stopped for coffee:

i got a decaf sash got some tea….seems that alice was eyeing mine:

alice did a lot of this..

and more..

and more sitting..

she really thinks she is a person..i had to remind her to pleasee play like the other dogs..

she didnt listen of course.

when we got home sash requested a snack:

pesto veggie sandwich with cheese and love.

no z’s for j.

its been a sad weekend of confusion and lack of sleeping in.

yesterday i awakend at 5am, readied myself, packed my lunch and was off to work as any other usual friday.

to my surprise, embarrassment and dissapointment i was in fact not to report to work because it was my day off!

my schedule rarely..rarely changes, in fact it hasnt in so long i cannot remember the last time it did change..

well now i can remember because it was this week!

needless to say, i wandered home, sad that i had missed my oppurtunity to luxuriate in a warm cozy bed while the sky was dark and the air was cold.

and to make matters attempt to recreate this magical image of blankets and shut eye, was a hazardarass and sad failure.

i couldnt get back to sleep.

i rolled out of bed and off to do a mild workout..well some cardio.

i tried to sleep after that but failed again.

i had some coffee.

i was a zombie.

i couldnt tell if i was hungry or just tired.

i wondered how i manage to function like a regular person on a day to day basis, seeing that i do this everyday for work, but could not get myself together. i wondered if my mind was punishing its capability for the cauntiousness of knowing that i should have had more sleep.

and so i told this very dramatic story about the whole thing..

anyway, moving along,

sorry to feel so sorry for myself..and i did..

i deicdied to have the lunch i packed for breakfast since i was to tired to deicde on anything i wanted.

it was a delight and complimented my enjoyment of julie and julia the movie.

  • left over kabocha
  • mixed greens
  • sprinkle of shredded¬†parmesan
  • olive oil
  • bbq sauce (again this may be strange but i find it good with many things..)

still very tired, i wanted to get my girl out for some sun and movement.

we ventured over to runyon for a little walk.

we took the easy-er way up the mountain.

my man came home to me later than evening.

he was battling a cold.

he was a little grumpy.

i asked him to get some jam while he was at the store..

he was a little fiesty,

to make up for it he brought home 3 different jams:

ps i really didnt find it all that necessary but it was defiantly cute.

besides we are now officially stocked in the jam department.

we cozied together for a bit.

i made him a burrito. its his go to feel better, emotionally and phisically comfort food.

and for me:

  • quinoa
  • greens
  • raw veggies
  • cheese and avocado plate
  • my fave la brea whole grain bread
  • and some smoked oysters on the side
  • with cranberry grape juice

ps..cant get enough quinoa lately. and that bread..sorry for the repetition but its just really perfect food.

we cozed more….zz

fancy pants

just got back from a lovely hike on a beautiful sunny day in my new lululemon pants.

here were a few happenings from our sunday adventure:

my pants:

alice gettin in a quick stretch before her workout:

up up we went:

we some new friends:

alice felt a little left out:

busy bee

ok, fallen a bit behind here.

lets do a quick recap shall we…ok hmm

so sunday,

i started out my morning with an sweet surprise delivered to me in bed:

i managed to get out of bed, rye guy was having an allergy attack to stay clear of him! he was definatly not his chipper-est..

but i did make him breakfast. we were out of i tried an expiriment:

panini: whole grain bread, raspberry preserves, swiss, butter:

panini press and….


it would have been better with mozzerella but it worked.

when life empties your peanut butter jar….fill it with your oats!

ÔĽŅÔĽŅi was excited, and had been saving the jar for a few days just for this very special event.

  • 1/2 cup organic old fashion oats
  • 1/2 cups organic unsweetened almond milk
  • cinnomon
  • blueberries
  • pear
  • chia seeds
  • tablespoon almond butter

it was a hit for sure! so good! it really filled me all day.. all day.

and i was off to the gym!

after a really good work out i scurried home and readied myself and alice for a day with miss sasha.

we lounged..lazy girls on computers watching recorded ‘intervention’ on a&e. it was a grand time.

the day was moving along..

i was off, time for girl cousin and ruby at yogurtland.

my cousin made a special visit with her 5 month old baby from oakland. those girls are simply amazing.

rye and i had subway that i picked up on the way home and we watched snl; best of christopher walken and a little bit of the origional office. that was that..time for another week.


i set my alarm for 4:10 am and was off to the gym to get a quick workout before work today because i had an important date with my cousin joey and baby ruby asap.

i was a little soar so i just did light cardio for 40 min.

i had some juice for breakfast:

lunch lineup:

leftover grilled salmon from saturday with greens and veggies.

i started bringing my own silverware to work to save on plastic waste:

i made the beets over the weekend and added fresh lemon juice from a friends lemon tree


after work i headed home to take alice on a quick walk

ps shes pretty cute

and then i was venice bound!


i was there :

we headed over to the chaya in venice for a night on the town with the sister cousins and my uncle jack.  

joey and i shared sushi and salad:


after dinner it was janet joey ruby time.

joe and i had frozen yogurt of course and watched some dexter and relaxed.

those girls made me the very happiest girl.


i readied breakfast in the morning.

i decided i needed a cuppuccino:

made with unsweetend almond milk.

i was a tired..tired girl!

i had some usual faves:

  • quick oats
  • chia seeds
  • almond butter
  • blueberries
  • preserves


i shared a smoothie:

  • kefir
  • spirolina
  • banana
  • pinaeapple/papaya juice

had a quick workout, a good one, i ran 20 min. on the treadmill inclined at a 6 at 4.9 mph and i walked on the highest incline, a 15 for the other 20.

i was a plum afterward

i rushed home and got ready for my 3rd lucky day with ruby and joey.

we got a lululemon treat from uncle jack!!

my first lululemon expirience and it was life changing, i decided once you go lululemon, you never go back. i love my pants!! ill have pictures soon. they are truly amazing.

we headed over to venice and had dinner at uncle jack’s. rye¬†came too!

time for goodbyes. i miss those girls already!

another late night, i got home and it was time for zz’s.