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weeks eats

did you think i forgot?

here are my eats for this week….been really working at saving money and making all of my edibles for work at home:

so there are my breakfasts..:

ok, so the fruit, i did not make at home 😉

there were my lunches:

this was my super veggie sandwich,

rudi’s 7 grain bread is amazing! if you have not yet tried….do so now! please 😉

i also made a super deluxe veggie wrap….although….this picture does not justify its super deluxe-ness….

oh and this….this was a lovely treat from my lovely husband….

he prepared it for me the night before while he was getting dinner together as i ventured home from school….in my beautiful new car might i add ;)..

oh but back to this….it was like a yam pudding heaven….and i was in yam pudding heaven when i ate it….it made work and school all better..and it was made with love from my love so i felt a sentimental value nourishing my body too.

kale smoothies that have been absent for way too long!

  • kale
  • mango
  • almond butter
  • activia
  • truvia

  • kale
  • banana
  • vanilla whey protein
  • maca
  • blueberries

and our dinners….which my man has been generously volunteering to make most of my busy school week…. what a nice guy!

beautiful tostadas and rice

veggie wraps including sauteed eggplant, zucchini and carrot with kobocha!

and a hot out of the oven flour-less chocolate cake!

some nights we had subway ..

some nights we did our own thing.. i did not take pics 😦

i made myself pasta last night..rye had leftover pasta i made him and salad

this pasta makes me so happy….

  • whole wheat pasta shells
  • spinach
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • a little teriyaki sauce….i know its weird but i like it!
  • parmesan
  • pepper
  • cayenne
  • mahi burger with cheese
  • love it!

with a side of cranberry/water/truvia 🙂 🙂

a girl that made me happy all week :

a car that made me happy all week! was spending time with its honda friend while i was at school..

have a great week beauties!


a week of green and orange

its been such a busy week: hence the no blogging status!

so busy that i have not had time to do the usual lunch prepping everyday.

when this happens i turn to a few of my go to whole foods options: they happened to be a lot of orange and a lot of green-including the repetition of mango almost everyday!

anyone know how good carrots and almond butter is?

i am finally aware….it is a definite goodie!


whole foods goodies:


raw kale salad-with pine nuts and dried cranberries

brussel sprout and golden beet salad- with walnuts and thyme

kale and beet salad- with feta and dried cranberries

egg and cheese breakfast wrap- it was a first but really did the job!

caesar salad- with a few salad bar extras

and this delicious once in a while muffin….

yes its bran….but yes i love it !

honey bran muffin with walnuts on top:

what are your favorite quick grabs??

a little bit of us this week:

she gets a bit competitive with me for ryes attention!

ps: i got a new car!!

it has changed my life….i am in love with it!

how cute is this:

such a guy:






have i mentioned how starving those work out videos make me..

i believed for so long that cardio served as a workout….well yes cardio is an important part to be factored into to your workout and to remain just one element- the other element is putting those muscle groups to work!

i was also a non believer in workout videos, i never thought that i could get a well rounded workout from them and feel satisfied at the end of them- but this was all from assumption..and i was very wrong.

not only have i noticed the burn! the pain, feeling soar, but my normal eating habits just dont cut it!

anyhow, they work for me, and i really enjoy them 🙂

yesterdays breakfast:

  • fage 0%
  • 1/2 grapefruit
  • 1/2 mango
  • tbls honey almond butter
  • 1/4 cup natures path all bran
  • delicious 😉

ps- i ❤ mango lately….not only is it completely satisfying, full of vitamins b, c and e, beta carotene, potassium and magnesiem and even said to have a lot of tryptophan- increases seritonin- but they are so beautiful!

.. did i sell you up there??

alice and i had some girl time in the sun.

it was a beautiful hike after all of the rain that l.a. had on sunday with a lovely breeze to cool us down from the sweet hot sun:

after my hike i attempted to make a green smoothie with the rest of my morning fruit, vanilla whey, spinach, spiroline, and raw honey….i failed ! it was awful.. i maybe drank half….no bueno.

later i had a carrot dipped in almond butter….first time….its a good snack!

i made hibiscus sun tea- it is truly incredible.

it almost tastes like a less tart cranberry juice but has a deep flavor to it at the end.

also known as –Jamaica

simply :

  • hibiscus flowers (dried)
  • water
  • sun
  • delicious

we had the the yummiest dinner!

sauteed veggies over greens:

and i had a spread of bread and cheese, ryan had a trader joes andoulie sausage-hot dog style.

we watched due date- it was decent.. not as great as i had hoped, but i got a few laughs out.

we had trader joes chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels that my cousin got me started on….

have you tried…..they are good!

we cuddled..alice was creepin into our photo:


what day is it anyway?

the days just seem to be blending in together.

wednesday was a school day.

i was really tired from my night with audrey..i didnt get the rest i am used to during the week.

i am in love with kombucha 2000!!

they are amazing and i just cannot go back to g.t.

besides, g.t. kombucha just has not been the same since the era of the recall….it used to make me sad, but now i have moved on to better things; k-2000 😉 😉

i was exhausted when i finally made it back to my side of town around 8 that night and picked up baja fresh.

they really impressed me, i got the grilled mahi tacos which were delicious, light and left me feeling good. it is nice to have relatively healthy options in the fast food world these days.

alice was ready for bed with me..not to mention trying to coerce me into giving her some of my dinner….sorry ali:

tuesday i had a biometric screening for work.

i had to fast through work-no breakfast but coffee.

my testing was at 11:45-

you are tested on:

weighed, measured, blood pressure taken, and blood drawn- blood to find test whether you are a smoker, have good cholestoral and blood sugar levels.

i was marked at 5’7 which i was pleased about and 117lbs- one of our scales is off but i was happy to take their word for it.

blood pressure was perfectly healthy.

now i wait for my blood work results and if everything come out healthy i get a 30% discount on all of whole foods products rather than my 20!

fingers crossed 🙂

when 2 was nearing i was ready to eat!!

i had my usual salad on my mind and a delicious kombucha!!


i sent ryan a “yeyy me for being healthy” photo:

and a picture of the new zevia flavors that i got ! i love grape soda! (healthy diet soda-sweetend with stevia)

then alice and i headed out for some time together in the sun.

catching up

hi everyone!

wow it has been so long, and the busy bee has been buzzing in circles around me.

i have so much to share..but i will attempt not to overwhelm you.

i had a short visit to oakland for a much need sister-cousin- visit with my girls.

ok so, lately..

i have figured out, there are oatmeal phases, and there are cereal phases!

ive been needing cereal lately..

why is it so good..its really not filling but it is so good.

i could eat it everyday, anytime of day, and i like it for breakfast or desert!

i like the healthy types, and the sugary kinds, and i especially like them combined in one happy bowl.

ok, i have also been having a lot of these delicious, colorful, beautiful salads.

sorry to if this is repetitive but they are just so satisfying.

i have switched things up from time to time:


we’ve had lot of treats:

this girl was being cute all the while! :


we have been alternating- i make you din, you make me din:

sometimes we have to leave dinner out for them to come home to, with hearts:

and more treats:

and i have to thank these lovelies for always being there to warm me up or pick me up!

no z’s for j.

its been a sad weekend of confusion and lack of sleeping in.

yesterday i awakend at 5am, readied myself, packed my lunch and was off to work as any other usual friday.

to my surprise, embarrassment and dissapointment i was in fact not to report to work because it was my day off!

my schedule rarely..rarely changes, in fact it hasnt in so long i cannot remember the last time it did change..

well now i can remember because it was this week!

needless to say, i wandered home, sad that i had missed my oppurtunity to luxuriate in a warm cozy bed while the sky was dark and the air was cold.

and to make matters attempt to recreate this magical image of blankets and shut eye, was a hazardarass and sad failure.

i couldnt get back to sleep.

i rolled out of bed and off to do a mild workout..well some cardio.

i tried to sleep after that but failed again.

i had some coffee.

i was a zombie.

i couldnt tell if i was hungry or just tired.

i wondered how i manage to function like a regular person on a day to day basis, seeing that i do this everyday for work, but could not get myself together. i wondered if my mind was punishing its capability for the cauntiousness of knowing that i should have had more sleep.

and so i told this very dramatic story about the whole thing..

anyway, moving along,

sorry to feel so sorry for myself..and i did..

i deicdied to have the lunch i packed for breakfast since i was to tired to deicde on anything i wanted.

it was a delight and complimented my enjoyment of julie and julia the movie.

  • left over kabocha
  • mixed greens
  • sprinkle of shredded parmesan
  • olive oil
  • bbq sauce (again this may be strange but i find it good with many things..)

still very tired, i wanted to get my girl out for some sun and movement.

we ventured over to runyon for a little walk.

we took the easy-er way up the mountain.

my man came home to me later than evening.

he was battling a cold.

he was a little grumpy.

i asked him to get some jam while he was at the store..

he was a little fiesty,

to make up for it he brought home 3 different jams:

ps i really didnt find it all that necessary but it was defiantly cute.

besides we are now officially stocked in the jam department.

we cozied together for a bit.

i made him a burrito. its his go to feel better, emotionally and phisically comfort food.

and for me:

  • quinoa
  • greens
  • raw veggies
  • cheese and avocado plate
  • my fave la brea whole grain bread
  • and some smoked oysters on the side
  • with cranberry grape juice

ps..cant get enough quinoa lately. and that bread..sorry for the repetition but its just really perfect food.

we cozed more….zz

parsley onion & mushrooms

just me tonight.

i make rye some treats for when he gets home too of course 🙂

parsely mushrooms & onions:

  • crimini & button mushrooms
  • any onion will do
  • handful of parsley
  • couple cloves of garlic
  • olive oil
  • saute oil and onions until soft, add salt and pepper
  • add mushrooms-a tiny bit of water when the mixture becomes dry
  • add cayenne to taste, a tbls or so of butter
  • when mixture is browned to perfection, throw in chopped parsley
  • combine, sprinkle with parmesean

enjoy with very good bread, drizzled with olive oil

very good cheese

and a nice light olive oil, balisamic side salad


i had a treat:

frozen yogurt with almond butter.