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weeks eats

did you think i forgot?

here are my eats for this week….been really working at saving money and making all of my edibles for work at home:

so there are my breakfasts..:

ok, so the fruit, i did not make at home ūüėČ

there were my lunches:

this was my super veggie sandwich,

rudi’s 7 grain bread is amazing! if you have not yet tried….do so now! please ūüėČ

i also made a super deluxe veggie wrap….although….this picture does not justify its super deluxe-ness….

oh and this….this was a lovely treat from my lovely husband….

he prepared it for me the night before while he was getting dinner together as i ventured home from school….in my beautiful new car might i add ;)..

oh but back to this….it was like a yam pudding heaven….and i was in yam pudding heaven when i ate it….it made work and school all better..and it was made with love from my love so i felt a sentimental value nourishing my body too.

kale smoothies that have been absent for way too long!

  • kale
  • mango
  • almond butter
  • activia
  • truvia

  • kale
  • banana
  • vanilla whey protein
  • maca
  • blueberries

and our dinners….which my man has been¬†generously¬†volunteering¬†to make most of my busy school week…. what a nice guy!

beautiful tostadas and rice

veggie wraps including sauteed eggplant, zucchini and carrot with kobocha!

and a hot out of the oven flour-less chocolate cake!

some nights we had subway ..

some nights we did our own thing.. i did not take pics ūüė¶

i made myself pasta last night..rye had leftover pasta i made him and salad

this pasta makes me so happy….

  • whole wheat pasta shells
  • spinach
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • a little¬†teriyaki¬†sauce….i know its weird but i like it!
  • parmesan
  • pepper
  • cayenne
  • mahi burger with cheese
  • love it!

with a side of¬†cranberry/water/truvia ūüôā ūüôā

a girl that made me happy all week :

a car that made me happy all week! was spending time with its honda friend while i was at school..

have a great week beauties!


breakfast, lunch & mac and cheese

saturday=homework day

inbetween my busy typing i got in a little breakfast:


  • voskos low fat greek (1st try-winner)
  • honey¬†morning¬†o’s
  • weetibix bran
  • apple , banana
  • honey almond butter
  • ūüôā

break number 2 i got in some workout time.

jullian michaels 40 min. 6 week, 6 pack- its a good one!


crunch 25 min. ass and abs- also great.

i made some quick fuel to continue on my typing:

it was a great success!

  • the remaining yogurt from this morning
  • spinach
  • spirolina
  • peanut butter
  • the remaining apple and banana
  • ūüôā ūüôā

we decided to be awesome last night….we snacked on cheese and crackers and we made….

mac and cheese!

we added a few special touches:

look at this cutie: !!

for desert:

i had a brown cow chocolate yogurt with peanutbutter

rye had hagendaas chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

have a beautiful sunday!!


p, w & c

pasta, wine and cheese on a lovely friday night.

it has been nice having my man back.

here is our creation!

extra cayanne of course!

alice was tired from all the wine, cooking and carbs.

we stayed up late!

had hagendaas peanut butter and chocolate ice cream!

and watched coming to america with eddie murphy!

and saturday night live with host miley cyrus..i have to say.. i didnt go in with any hi hopes but i was very impressed by her..she was really funny.

it was a great night. we laughed a lot.¬† ‚̧

how was your weekend?!

pasta sunday

ohh and i cannot forget..

last sunday (so long ago) my wonderful man, made me the most amazing pasta.

it started out something like this:

it was slowly simmering into something beautiful:

he was a cutie as he seriously cooked away:

i snacked while i watched him (in awe), as alice watched me….

shes really quite the supervisor.

crackers, beets and cheese..its really a winning combination, i promise!

alice continued to monitor..

and continued:

it was ready!

there was garlic bread:

it was a heavenly bowl..heavenly:

i made the rest of the kabocha squash and it smelled so sweet, rye had to try some with his dinner.

he had to try make sure it was worthy for me.

i did do something..i prepped for my big monday, workday, school day:

alice was truly exhausted for all the work she put in making sure we were keeping in line:

dave was dave.

pasta please

it was a busy day of the gym, laundry and cleaning house.

saturday night, ryan was working until about 8 so i got to work on some dinner for the man.

pasta is indeed my favorite food, i decided to get creative:

on hand i had a good assortment going on:

i like to prep everything before i start so i dont get overwhelmed.

i gave myself points for cutting a lot of veggies on a little cutting board.

salor jerry rum was on sale at ralphs.. and it was even a special anniversary bottle so i got one….

add a decent amount of extra virgin olive oil:

add onions and jalepeno until soft,

then add veggies and garlic (this way the garlic wont burn)

cover from time to time to steam:

once veggies are soft add tomatoes:

add about 1 tablespoon of tomato paste, oregano to taste and chopped parsley (reserve some for garnish)

(i had curly but flat leaf would be just as great)

meanwhile preheat oven to 450 and cook pasta al dente, about 3-5 min. less than the instructions recommend.

combine pasta and sauce and add parmesean cheese to the mixture, about 1/4 cup.

spoon into caserole dish,

cover top with a few slices of bree,

bread crumbs,

more paresean cheese,

and a drizzle of olive oil.

bake for about 10 minutes, until all of the cheese has melted and the breadcrumbs are golden and bubbling.

top with remaining parsley and one more drizzle of olive oil:

enjoy !