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weeks eats

did you think i forgot?

here are my eats for this week….been really working at saving money and making all of my edibles for work at home:

so there are my breakfasts..:

ok, so the fruit, i did not make at home ūüėČ

there were my lunches:

this was my super veggie sandwich,

rudi’s 7 grain bread is amazing! if you have not yet tried….do so now! please ūüėČ

i also made a super deluxe veggie wrap….although….this picture does not justify its super deluxe-ness….

oh and this….this was a lovely treat from my lovely husband….

he prepared it for me the night before while he was getting dinner together as i ventured home from school….in my beautiful new car might i add ;)..

oh but back to this….it was like a yam pudding heaven….and i was in yam pudding heaven when i ate it….it made work and school all better..and it was made with love from my love so i felt a sentimental value nourishing my body too.

kale smoothies that have been absent for way too long!

  • kale
  • mango
  • almond butter
  • activia
  • truvia

  • kale
  • banana
  • vanilla whey protein
  • maca
  • blueberries

and our dinners….which my man has been¬†generously¬†volunteering¬†to make most of my busy school week…. what a nice guy!

beautiful tostadas and rice

veggie wraps including sauteed eggplant, zucchini and carrot with kobocha!

and a hot out of the oven flour-less chocolate cake!

some nights we had subway ..

some nights we did our own thing.. i did not take pics ūüė¶

i made myself pasta last night..rye had leftover pasta i made him and salad

this pasta makes me so happy….

  • whole wheat pasta shells
  • spinach
  • butter
  • olive oil
  • garlic
  • a little¬†teriyaki¬†sauce….i know its weird but i like it!
  • parmesan
  • pepper
  • cayenne
  • mahi burger with cheese
  • love it!

with a side of¬†cranberry/water/truvia ūüôā ūüôā

a girl that made me happy all week :

a car that made me happy all week! was spending time with its honda friend while i was at school..

have a great week beauties!


a week of green and orange

its been such a busy week: hence the no blogging status!

so busy that i have not had time to do the usual lunch prepping everyday.

when this happens i turn to a few of my go to whole foods options: they happened to be a lot of orange and a lot of green-including the repetition of mango almost everyday!

anyone know how good carrots and almond butter is?

i am finally aware….it is a¬†definite¬†goodie!


whole foods goodies:


raw kale salad-with pine nuts and dried cranberries

brussel sprout and golden beet salad- with walnuts and thyme

kale and beet salad- with feta and dried cranberries

egg and cheese breakfast wrap- it was a first but really did the job!

caesar salad- with a few salad bar extras

and this delicious once in a while muffin….

yes its bran….but yes i love it !

honey bran muffin with walnuts on top:

what are your favorite quick grabs??

a little bit of us this week:

she gets a bit competitive with me for ryes attention!

ps: i got a new car!!

it has changed my life….i am in love with it!

how cute is this:

such a guy:





sasha and peanut butter jelly time.

ryan is still away.

the good news is, i have been getting a lot of my sasha time in.

thursday she came over after work and alice was more than ecstatic to see her..

this was her within a minute of sash sitting down:

..the girl¬†doesn’t¬†waist any time.

sasha and i had a very nice date out to sushi!

i have been craving sushi and italian food all week!

pretty much simultaneously. this helped for a moment..the craving comes right back though..

when we got home i made us desert:

in sasha’s

  • vanilla greek yogurt
  • almond butter
  • bran cereal-total bran/weetibix
  • 365 honey morning o’s
  • my secret weapon: dark chocolate kit kat ūüėČ

in mine:

  • vanilla almond milk
  • my trio cereal mix (same as sasha’s)
  • a bit of almond milk
  • dark chocolate kit kat (!)

friday….was peanut butter jelly time!! ..and almond butter..and oats in a jar ¬†ūüėČ ūüėČ

it had been long. it was absolutely fantastic.

i sent rye a good morning kiss.

have i showed you these lemons? lululemons ūüôā (please pardon the messy bathroom!)

getting to the gym was really hard and once i finished cardio and only one weight machine i was done!

i got home and couldnt even get myself to shower before crashing on the couch.

dave wasted no time in taking that opportunity for cuddle time, alice was hard at work on a bone:

i took all of these photos for rye..even one of my bachelorette house keeping skills….

and one of my sleepy face with bags under my eyes..:(

sasha came over again ūüôā

we watched 127 hours..i thought it was really good!….not to mention upsetting…. the movie was really well done and captivating especially¬†considering¬†it took place almost in one location the entire movie.

for dinner i made broiled cheese bread and veggies:

(have i mentioned these are inspired by “” blog’s, i really love her blog and these are great! just put on your¬†desirables¬†and stick them under the broiler for about 6 min. give or take….but watch them, they will burn before you know it! trust….i know from¬†experience.)

for the cheesy toast:

  • la brea bakery multi grain
  • spinach
  • greens
  • alfalfa¬†sprouts
  • raw mushrooms
  • veganese
  • dijon mustard
  • 1 toast con swiss cheese
  • 1 toast con colby jack cheese
  • ūüėČ

dessert we had mini chocolate cheesecakes from whole foods, i put it on a plate over a little¬†dollop¬†of whipped cream with a¬†piece¬†of xo dark chocolate with cherries….the cheesecake wasn’t as great as i thought.. ūüė¶ )

alice and dave were adorable! and being snuggle bunnies:

i love that trio.

busy, work, love, school, workout food & busy

oh i have missed you!

it has been a busy, busy week..ive fallen so far behind..

there were days, and a series of events that seemed very similar at times..

there was coffee of course:

to save on money, i tried to recreate the coffee bean iced coffee i love so much..i only managed to succeed once.

and lunch at work:

many of which happened to be tasty salads:

some salads were special with leftover chinese from valentines day and home made dipping sauce.

others were special with left over kabocha squash.

there was more kabocha snacking on the drive to school:

i switched it up from time to time:

delicious veggie sandwich from a deli at the corner. .. why is mayonnaise and toasted bread so amazing..?

i tried a new yogurt after i was given a free sample at work. It was amazing! love it. i added chia:

i had peanut butter-almond butter & jam oatmeal of course:

i started school:

i got some girl time with alice in the healing outdoors:

my wonderful husband made me many dinners this week, due to school and study time.

many consisted of beautiful salads:

one with a delightful chipotle mahi burger with cheese.

and kombucha’s to aid in homework time:

alice was her usual cute self, and didnt fail to keep me company and give me deep, thoughful glares from time to time.

it was an eventful and good week.

dog park and a snack

after breakfast my sasha came over for a visit and brought sweet ceci with her.

ceci is getting older ūüė¶

she and alice got along. alice was glad to have a wise and knowledgeable girl around.

sash helped me finish the runaways.

we did what we do best..

computer and cozy time with the dogs.

we stopped for coffee:

i got a decaf sash got some tea….seems that alice was eyeing mine:

alice did a lot of this..

and more..

and more sitting..

she really thinks she is a person..i had to remind her to pleasee play like the other dogs..

she didnt listen of course.

when we got home sash requested a snack:

pesto veggie sandwich with cheese and love.

busy bee

ok, fallen a bit behind here.

lets do a quick recap shall we…ok hmm

so sunday,

i started out my morning with an sweet surprise delivered to me in bed:

i managed to get out of bed, rye guy was having an allergy attack to stay clear of him! he was definatly not his chipper-est..

but i did make him breakfast. we were out of i tried an expiriment:

panini: whole grain bread, raspberry preserves, swiss, butter:

panini press and….


it would have been better with mozzerella but it worked.

when life empties your peanut butter jar….fill it with your oats!

ÔĽŅÔĽŅi was excited, and had been saving the jar for a few days just for this very special event.

  • 1/2 cup organic old fashion oats
  • 1/2 cups organic unsweetened almond milk
  • cinnomon
  • blueberries
  • pear
  • chia seeds
  • tablespoon almond butter

it was a hit for sure! so good! it really filled me all day.. all day.

and i was off to the gym!

after a really good work out i scurried home and readied myself and alice for a day with miss sasha.

we lounged..lazy girls on computers watching recorded ‘intervention’ on a&e. it was a grand time.

the day was moving along..

i was off, time for girl cousin and ruby at yogurtland.

my cousin made a special visit with her 5 month old baby from oakland. those girls are simply amazing.

rye and i had subway that i picked up on the way home and we watched snl; best of christopher walken and a little bit of the origional office. that was that..time for another week.


i set my alarm for 4:10 am and was off to the gym to get a quick workout before work today because i had an important date with my cousin joey and baby ruby asap.

i was a little soar so i just did light cardio for 40 min.

i had some juice for breakfast:

lunch lineup:

leftover grilled salmon from saturday with greens and veggies.

i started bringing my own silverware to work to save on plastic waste:

i made the beets over the weekend and added fresh lemon juice from a friends lemon tree


after work i headed home to take alice on a quick walk

ps shes pretty cute

and then i was venice bound!


i was there :

we headed over to the chaya in venice for a night on the town with the sister cousins and my uncle jack.  

joey and i shared sushi and salad:


after dinner it was janet joey ruby time.

joe and i had frozen yogurt of course and watched some dexter and relaxed.

those girls made me the very happiest girl.


i readied breakfast in the morning.

i decided i needed a cuppuccino:

made with unsweetend almond milk.

i was a tired..tired girl!

i had some usual faves:

  • quick oats
  • chia seeds
  • almond butter
  • blueberries
  • preserves


i shared a smoothie:

  • kefir
  • spirolina
  • banana
  • pinaeapple/papaya juice

had a quick workout, a good one, i ran 20 min. on the treadmill inclined at a 6 at 4.9 mph and i walked on the highest incline, a 15 for the other 20.

i was a plum afterward

i rushed home and got ready for my 3rd lucky day with ruby and joey.

we got a lululemon treat from uncle jack!!

my first lululemon expirience and it was life changing, i decided once you go lululemon, you never go back. i love my pants!! ill have pictures soon. they are truly amazing.

we headed over to venice and had dinner at uncle jack’s. rye¬†came too!

time for goodbyes. i miss those girls already!

another late night, i got home and it was time for zz’s.

sweet pear of mine

although i had plenty of sleep last night, getting up was not easy this morning.

i did my usual, readying my eats for work. i readied some for rye guy too:

my lineup:

for my sweet man:

veggie swiss:

  • miltons healthy grain
  • jarlsberg swiss cheese
  • raw organic zucchini
  • organic mixed greens
  • organic¬†tomato
  • veganese
  • grainy mustard

topped off with very important instructions:

for me:

ready to eat !

organic mixed greens & jarlsberg swiss:      and then topped with organic bosc pear! :

did i mention i added organic dried cranberries and fresh organic blueberries?..well i did:

as well as follow your heart honey mustard dressing with a bit of lemon juice,

cheese, pear, green wrap!: (ps i have never been into savory sweet..until now)

i was pretty hungry..

later i had a pick me up..or what i had hoped to be a pick me up, but this kombucha was totally flat and just¬†didn’t¬†do it for me….. it was really quite sad.

before i ventured home and off to the gym i had a quick snack delight..

  • honey almond butter
  • organic peanut butter
  • red delicious apple

it really hit the spot.

i have to once again advertise this¬†almond¬†butter because it really is that good….go and get some ūüôā